Our Completely Ruined StayCation

I posted on Bride and Blogpretty late in the process about how we would be traipsing around the District spending our first week of newlywedded bliss snuggling in tasty restaurants and hauling ourselves up and down the Potomac on boats.  Then life took over in the form of a flair of MB’s incurable disease and all of our plans got sidelined.  Which required me to throw down, get my hair cut, and throw a major temper tantrum like none I’ve thrown before.

This isn’t completely a wah wah wah post.  MB and I have had 3 very nice dinners with some very lovely people.  I guess I had completely romanticized this week in my head and when it didn’t happen even CLOSE to the way I thought it would I got really really upset. 

Then yesterday MB had to be brought home from work early with more symptoms of the not breathing, chest hurting variety.  After we got him squared away and new prescription ordered the tears came.  I selfishly admitted I was having no fun, my heart was aching that MB was in so much pain and I hated the period after the wedding.  Thank goodness I married such a calm and understanding man.  He wrapped me up in an infamous clutch to make it all better and we continued on our modified version of of staycation.

This morning amidst the mountain of paperwork I found myself in at work I started to wonder if we would ever have this tidal wave type high in our relationship again and if we did, would we be able to take advantage of it the way we had wanted to this first time around.

Tell me, other newlyweds, do you feel like this is a once in a lifetime string of moments or I am just being histrionic?


One thought on “Our Completely Ruined StayCation

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