Powering Through the Classics

While reworking our StayCation agenda, MB and I found ourselves in our most favorite place in the universe.  The book store.


this is the actual B&N near our house!

I had just finished the newest OTBC selection The Thirteenth Tale{you have GOT to read this one} and needed something else to try out during our TinyMoon.  At the behest of the back of the Thirteenth Tale, I picked up Jane Eyre and The Bell JarThe Bell Jar I’m not so intimidated by as we read it in my advanced HS literature class {or could have, I can’t recall} but Jane Eyre is horrifying to me. 

On more than one occasion I’ve picked up Jane Austen’s novels bound and determined to finish just one story.  Alas, Sense and Sensibility and Emma are forever eluding me.  I’m not a dumb girl or a dim reader, either.  I could never get into them.  Bronte, however, will hopefully be offering me more accessible glimpse into this early genre of chick lit.  I safely started with The Bell Jar, though. 

Would you, darling readers be interested in my blog challenge?  12 classics in 12 months?  You don’t  have to play along with me, but I’d love it if we could all play together.  I’ll take suggestions for classic literature I’ve not yet read.  I will read it and give my take on it here.  Sound good?   Great!  What’s your first suggestion {after Plath and Bronte?}


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