W&B Loves: Layla Grace

In planning the wedding, I ran across a LOT of things online that I absolutely could not live with out.  Most of these things involve some sort of paper product.  My new favorite papier {and supplier of all other things magical and beautiful} is Layla Grace:


Layla Grace is the meca for pretty things for your home, body and life that just screams {quietyly}  feminitity and tranquility. I mean why don’t we all just flounce into that pink room there, grab a cupcake or two and call it an afternoon, no?

One of my favorite parts of the Layla Grace shop are the personalized stickers!  For those of you just meeting me, I loveloveloveLURVE stickers and especially love any and all things that can be branded with my new moniker!


So necessary!  So much so infact that I ordered thest cutie patooties to stick on all of our thank you notes that will be going out in the next month or two!


I’m so so so beyond pumped about our names and address on these adorable little stickers!

What’s your favorite find on Layla Grace?  Anything you cannot live without?


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