StayCation All I Ever Wanted

 Yes, I whinedthat our StayCation had been ruined last week due to illness.  But MB is back in action {more later, promises!} and we are ready to hit the streets of DC as we are still dogless {and loving it!  Poor Kanga!}.  Tonight after I get my butt back on the trails I’m meeting husband in our favorite part of DC, Chinatown, for our favorite dinner at Matchbox, probably.



We are big huge suckers for their famed 3-6-9 burgers, I mean who wouldn’t be!



Matchbox is our default spot for celebrations {Vday} and friend meet ups.  Chi town is our fav part of the city and easiest for MB and I and their are shockingly other options.  Like Zaytinya, Mediterranean tapas.


Or Oyamel, which serves up tasty Mexican tapas and the best darn guac in the whole entire city.


Buuut we had Mexican last night and I really don’t love Zaytinya as much as MB does.  So what to do?  Stick with an old favorite, or try something new {which are actually both favs of my newly engaged bestie, Sar!}?


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