Religioucity: God is OK by Me – Part I – Belief In

Editor’s Note:  Over the course of this blog, I’ve promised candid discussion on my part about any and all parts of my life and our collective life.  Please take special heed:  My opinions and views do not always accurately reflect those of MB, my contributors, readers family and/or friends.  Any and all posts are made with the distinct intention to cogently illustrate my beliefs, thoughts and opinions.  I will never intentionally attack, smear or speak snarkily of any person or group of people and would appreciate the same courtesy in readers making any comments.

Whew!  With that said, let’s talk about God, yes?



I came out of the gate, guns blazing, talking a smidge about religion.  As promised, I’ll get to my very specific religious beliefs, but all discussions must start somewhere and any relgious discussion in my mind has to start with whether or not there is a belief in God.

Of note, this isn’t a discussion about whether or not God exists — rather why I’ve decided to believe in God despite my tenous belief of  God.

Let me explain.  Not to be glib, I believe in Santa Clause.  Truly.  I believe that Santa Clause and what he represents for Christmas is alive and well and I believe in him and the power and magic he holds.  Do I have a belief of Santa?  No, I don’t.  Nor should  you.  He doesn’t exist.  It’s pretty proven. 

God on the other hand, we can’t really confirm nor deny his existence so my jury is still out on the “of” part regarding belief and God.

But can I believe in God?  Oh yes, I most certainly can {and do}.

Being married to a scientist, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the world through a very logical and rational lense.  MB has helped me understand why almost everything is the way it is.  From cold viruses, to waterfall formation, there is a scientific explanation for almost everything.  Specifically, MB and I are especially fond of the very scientific principle of evolution.  I’m actually quite amazed by the way that we as species have evolved so much and have the capacity to continue evolving.  It truly is awe inspiring.  I digress, slightly.

To that end, understanding the scientific nature of the very physical world around me does not exclude me from believing in God.  Here, in truncated, bulleted form, is why I believe in God:

  • Despite having scientific proof for almost everything, I’m of the very distinct inclination that something so powerful and amazing as the Earth had to be the divine idea of someone.  The obvious answer to “who is that someone”, to me, is God.
  • I believe that there is God and he/she is benevolent and, in a way, watching over our lives {but not  orchestrating them}.  There have been too many close calls, slimly made opportunities and just straight up blessings for me to believe that the world is fueled by chance.
  • I need to believe in something bigger than myself.  It’s just my {and many human’s} nature to want something bigger, more powerful, more all knowing, than what I am able to fathom.

That seems like kind of a paltry look into my belief in God, I realize, but it’s a good stepping stone for the rest of my posts regarding my belief system, my take on religion and other relative topics.

Do you believe in God?  Why or why not?  And how do you believe?


3 thoughts on “Religioucity: God is OK by Me – Part I – Belief In

  1. I found you blog to be very open and honest and real. I hope I can be the same.

    If I understand you correctly, you do believe that you have evolved but you are also persuaded as you look at this world and your own life that the world is too great, the universe too vast and your own existence is to wonderful for all of this to be 100% the result of random chance. You believe in God.

    If God does exist how could we know? The only way to know if God exists is if He chooses to reveal Himself. Think about it. Until today I had no idea that you exist and I doubt that you knew anything about be. Of course I know that there are others on this planet other then myself but until you chose to reveal (at least part of) yourself I had no idea that you existed. In the same way unless God chooses to reveal Himself I cannot know if he exists at all.

    The question then is – has God chosen to reveal himself to mankind? I believe that answer is yes. The primary way that God chose to reveal Himself is in the person of Jesus Christ.

    One of the disciples of Jesus also wanted to see God. He wanted to know Him personally. Jesus said to him, “Have I been with you so long, and yet you have not known Me, Philip? He who has seen Me has seen the Father; so how can you say, ‘Show us the Father’?” The Bible declares that Jesus is the perfect revelation of God in human form.

    All religions apart from Biblical Christianity are basically the same. All religions teach that you can work you way to God by what you do. One religion might say that you need to pray three times a day. Another religion might tell you to keep certain laws about food or holy days and another might require you to visit a certain city or go through a certain ritual but they are all basically the same. They all teach that you can approach God by what you do.

    The Bible stands in sharp contrast to all other religions in the world. The Bible teaches that there nothing that you can do to work you way to God. We are not able to approach God because God is holy and we are sinful. Our sin has separated us from God. The wages of sin is death and all of us are sinners. Like a person who has fallen overboard in a storm on the sea, mankind is drifting farther and farther from the safety of the boat and the wind and waves and current are too powerful for mankind to overcome. Mankind, according to the Bible, is unable to rescue himself. Unless God rescues us, we have no hope.

    For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

    Jesus died to pay the penalty for your sin and mine. Jesus did not suffer the crucifixion against His will. He willingly chose to lay down His life for the sin of the world. He did not die for His own sin – He had no sin. He chose to die in your place to pay the penalty for your sin. He paid a debt that He did not owe because we owe a debt that we cannot pay.

    The Bible says, “If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” Do you believe this?

    • Thank you, Russ. I found your response insightful and well said. I’m anxious for you to read subsequent posts about my other religious convictions!

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