W&B Loves: Tarte Mascara

Back when I was blushing bride I fell in love with Tarte’s cheeky blush.  As a Sephora Beauty VIP or whatever, I get free samples of fab makeup on the regular.  One of the best free samples that I ever received was Tarte’s lights, camera, lashes.


you love blurry cam!

I’ve SHAMELESSY done before and after shots for you, because I love you and I love this mascara:





K — please pretend to be very impressed and claim that you 100% can tell the difference.  I swear this mascara works.  Since I’ve started wearing it on the regular, people have asked me if I wear fake lashes.  What?!  No way!  It’s my amazing mascara!  Two people asked me yesterday!  I had to share.  Stop what you are doing and order it/run out and buy it immediately.


poor MB just wants to get ready for work.

Do you have a beauty secret to share?


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