PWSD Relieved

I’ve posted a lot about my very grumpy nature post wedding. I have actually been doing a lot of crying, a lot of eating of chocolates {I don’t even LIKE chocolate, FYI} and a LOT I mean A LOT of whining. Ridiculous. I was really starting to get on my own nerves. Then two things happened.

I read this post.

MB accused me of having the wedding be the only thing I lived for.

They actually happened outside of that order but that last was more dramatic.  The other night we were walking inside after I had, ad naseum, related to Janny how unhappy I felt about the wedding being done.  Trying to be supportive, MB reassured me he knew just how he felt and how he would probably feel the same way if the wedding was all he had lived for for the last year. 

I was horrified.

I want to make one thing very very very clear.  The wedding is not and never has been my whole life.  It was a glorious and enormous section of my life,  yes, but my whole life — that’s offensive.  He didn’t mean to be rude, but I  hate the implication that I’m some dippy 20-something who can only focus on Vera and tulle and cupcakes.  While I do love{LURVE} all those things, I am also a smart, fun motivated young woman who just so happened to have the best wedding of her life.  That she was also the bride of.

For me PWSD hasn’t been because my life is ended.  It’s been that the creative outlet that I longed for since I started working has to, for the time being, shut down so I can focus on getting our life in order.  The house doesn’t clean itself and we can only sustain eating take out Mexican 7 nights a week for long.  It took me a week to realize that yes it will take some time to get my ish together but that there are other new and exciting creative and fun opportunities, not unlike our own wedding and planning, that are available to me.

This blog is one of them.

Bride and Blog was just chosen for the best bridal blogs directory.

My business is booming.

And MB and my family got me a calligraphy class for Christmas! {just to name a few!}

Fear not, readers.  My heart sickness is subsiding.  And while it was so wonderful, I’m finally able to, with dry eyes, look excitedly and expectantly to our fun, fabulous, wedding free {K, probably not} future!

Is there a big event you had trouble coming down from?


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