Religioucity: The Bible – Belief Of

Previously:  Accidental Rant about JC, God{OK}

Editor’s Note:  Over the course of this blog, I’ve promised candid discussion on my part about any and all parts of my life and our collective life.  Please take special heed:  My opinions and views do not always accurately reflect those of MB, my contributors, readers family and/or friends.  Any and all posts are made with the distinct intention to cogently illustrate my beliefs, thoughts and opinions.  I will never intentionally attack, smear or speak snarkily of any person or group of people and would appreciate the same courtesy in readers making any comments.

I mentioned in my last post about belief in God that to me there is a distinct difference between believing IN something and having a belief OF something.  MBhubs claims this is confusing and I apologize.  I understand that believing in something and having a belief ofsomething may sound the same to you, but unfort, I’m trapped by semantics.    I hope my expounded feelings about the Bible clear some of this up as it is core to my belief system.



I grew up in a Catholic church, which as we most know, is a Christian religion.  All Christians believe in the sanctity and truth of the Bible, especially the Gospels of the New Testament.  Ardent belief like this is not unique to Christianity as most large world religions base their belief system on what Christ Scholar MB likes to refer to as revealed texts which are basically books where the author has some or all of the text revealed to them through God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus, etc.

As a Catholic, one just really has to go through the motions to be OK.  I’m pretty decent at tuning out the fuzz which I was able to do through my graduation from High School at which point I woke up and realized the following:

  • I had been baptized {unwillingly as an infant} in Christ and Catholicism
  • I had confessed my sins to a priest and been absolved over and over again through prayer and good works
  • I had eaten the actual body of and drank the actual blood of Jesus Christ
  • I had publicly and willingly {?} confirmed my belief in Jesus Christ and the Catholic faith as my eternal soul-saving vessels

During this period of apparently very life altering things I also realized that I had no real relationship with the bible.  Sure I got one snippet of Old and New Testament every Sunday and familiarity just by virtue of living in a pretty Christian community but I’d never willingly opened the book on my own or been exposed to its study.  This is something I admire about Catholicism — they give you what they think you need — and no more.

When I went to college I was shocked at the amount of non Catholic Christians running around Western Pennsylvania.  What was even MORE shocking was these non Catholic Christians and their adoration of the Bible.  I went to my first Bible study to check it out.

Since that first exposition to study of the Bible to the present I’ve come to a few conclusions for myself about the Christian Bible.

  • It’s fine. 
  • Some of the stories and lessons are useful in today’s, yesterday’s and tomorrow’s society.
  • It was written by some pretty interesting Dudes.
  • It is not necessarily true which in turn means
  • I don’t believe God wrote it.

I like the Bible for what it is.  A  fallible, man made compilation of document that guides a very large religion.  Factually, I think there are some missteps and honestly I don’t think that there is any way that the God I know wrote, or encouraged the writing of, some of the stories.  To this end I have a belief ofthe Bible.  I acknowledge its existence.  I acknowledge and respect so many peoples’ belief in it and enjoy finding the merit and value that I do find.  I do not have a belief in the Bible.  To me, there is no evidence in my mind that the Bible is RIGHT {which would lead to my belief in the Bible} and the Quran, the Torah and or every other religious text out there is wrong.  This has always seemed narrow minded and rude in my personal opinion.  And I just can’t wrap my brain around the God I believe in taking time write down all of this KNOWING full well that societies would change and people would evolve and change and except us humans which he hearts so dearly to stick to some pretty archaic {even by God standards} rules, law and stories

There you have it.  My belief of the Bible rather than in it.  Since I find the Bible hard to believe in, I’m sure you can guess what’s next.

Do you believe in the Bible, or some other revealed documents?


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