Battling the Bulge

As a newlywed, one must be on the best defenses against a lot of post wedding ills:  buying every single home decor magazine in sight to replace all the bridal magazines your unmarried friends stole, attempting to become the most domestic wife on the planet by pledging to make one’s self a bolero to rival all boleros and then crying like a child when one realizes one sucks at sewing, or the most dreaded — allowing the pre-wedding weight loss to turn into a post wedding weight gain.



Full disclosure:  I had, all along, planned on giving myself a tiny respite after the wedding.  Respite from tracking my points like a crazy woman and running anywhere between 2 – 6 miles every day.  I honestly didn’t mind it, but there are times when this girl  has just got to EAT something she WANTS and I knew that the time just before and just after the wedding.

Being the over bearing woman who I am though, I didn’t just eat what I wanted, I fell completely off the wagon as hard as I possibly could.  I stopped running, I ate whatever I felt like and I chalked it all up to “My dress is too big!  It needs to fit” and afterwards “I’m on my Tiny Moon/Stay Cation, I’ll do what I want”.  Weight Watchers members everywhere are horrified.

While the number of pounds gained is not monumental in proportion to the pounds lost {5 versus 35} I’m not overly proud of myself so this week starts my come to Jesus with myself about the plan and being a member of the Weight Watchers community.

  • I have got to stay on plan.  Period the end.  Even if I don’t eat meticulously in my points everyday, I’ve got to be honest with myself about what I eat, how much of it and when.
  • I have got to exercise.  While 6 miles every day might be excessive, the exercise helps me feel better every day and increases my happy.  Plus I always feel like 56 million dollars afterwards.  Always.
  • I cannot treat my life overhaul as a temporary fix.  Yes it was amazing to have an end goal to the weight loss {read: wedding} but I know it’s so much more rewarding to say that I lost weight as a result of a complete life style change — not just to look smokin’ hot on one day.  Eye on the prize!

My newest goal is to reach my goal weight.  I have 13 lbs to go I’m excited to get there!  I’ll have plenty of updates on how I’m getting my HuzBand involved in all this feel good mess and the trials I immediately faced about 15 minutes after conceiving this post!

What do you do to stay on health-goal target?


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