CondoWarming 09

Wife and Blog’s favorite Msheed went and got herself a new condo to live in circa right before the wedding.  Her roommate, the Condo’s owner, and she threw a fabu warming party on Saturday night to celebrate the adultness of such a fabulous new joint.  The kids {herewith:  FSIL and Eric} came down to celebrate and we had an amazing time gallivanting doing some wedding things {There will be a backlog at B&B while we wait for pro pic recaps to begin and end — but at  least there will be something to look forward to!} and basking in our newlywedness.


that is one HOT family!


While MB and I might be couple of the year:


I clearly have some serious competition:


Anyhoodles, we took the best chocolate chip cookies ever and celebrate like crazy people, the christening of a new hot pad.







 A great time was had by all!  Esp since ASheed was there!



What do you typically do to warm your new nest?  MB and I are planning our own warming soon and want to get tons of great ideas!


3 thoughts on “CondoWarming 09

  1. I’m sorry 😦 😦 it was more my roommates thing (she owns the place) sooo she didn’t invite anyone we didn’t mutually know. dont hate me 😦

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