Conquering Domesticity: Meal 1

Every other Friday, my quasi-fabulous job does not require my presence and I’ve resolved, now that we aren’t traveling like crazy people, to get my serious house clean on and have dinner waiting for my husband when he gets home.  A tall order to be sure, but I like setting goals like this and this Friday, I successfully cleaned up our messy nest and made our first home cooked meal to enjoy as husband and wife.


Mom’s lasagna and tasty sweet red wine from Ghost Tavern’s winery.

For the lasagna:

1 9×13 pan

1 package overn-ready sargento lasagna noodles

1 large container reduced fat/skim ricotta cheese

1lb part skim/reduced fat mozzarella cheese {grated — I save a little to sprinkle on top!}

2 eggs

garlic power


For the sauce

1 large can tomato sauce {i always use the store brand}

1 small can Contadina Italian tomato paste

garlic power


1/2 cup sugar

1lb 99% lean ground turkey

First heat your over to 350 degrees.  Start by making the sauce:  brown the turkey with whatever spices you normally brown turkey {I use a dash of season salt and garlic powder — there is NEVER enough garlic in a meal}.  Open your tomato sauce and paste into a big pot.  Put on low heat and mix in oregano and garlic powder to taste.  Increase  heat, continue stirring ingredients and add the sugar.  Put the lid on the pot to let simmer.  Finish browning your meat and add it when the meat is cooked through.  Reduce heat on the sauce.

Then make  your lasagna filling:  In a large bowl mix the cheese, eggs, and seasoning {to taste}.  Set aside.

Next start making your lasagna:  Jan prefers a less noodly lasagna and as I’ve come to learn my husband prefers it with more noodles.  For my first go I assembled as such:  Spray your pan with cooking spray.  Put a layer of noodles on the bottom semi overlapping.  Slap some newly minted sauce on the noodles.  Then, Janny style, smother the noodles with the filling.  The add another layer of sauce.  Next another layer of noodles, and top it all off with another heaping layer of sauce and whatever extra mozzarella cheese you have.  I always add some fresh or fridge parm just for good measure. 

Next time, MB style, we’ll split the filling in between another layer of noodles.  Just repeat the steps as above, obvs.

Finally, cover with aluminum foil and bake for one hour.  Then enjoy with a store bought Caesar salad (dressing included — holler!) amazing already baked frozen wheat rolls {In your grocer’s freezer} and a very happy home cooked meal-lovin’ HuzBand.


Since Friday’s triumph, and packing on the pounds, I’ve resolved to make dinner every night for the rest of month.  Up for the challenge with me?

What’s your fav, not so hard, quicky home cooked meal?  Please share recipes!


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