Your Career or Mine?

When MB and I got engaged I made a terribly huge assumption.  One that would be fostered by and cause the escalation of my career discontent.  One that was not negated by my  receiving my master’s degree nor the seemingly high performance by yours truly on the job. 

I assumed his career would always trump mine.

Here’s my logic:

  • MB has {or will have in a hot 9ish months} very specific, specialized knowledge in a very smart person, useable and marketable field.
  • MB LOVES, L-O-V-E-S working.  Like a lot.
  • MB will probably always make more money than I will ultimately.

With such an assumption in my back pocket and reason cluttering my head, I all but pitched my career down the dark hallway of my future.  I quit trying to make concrete career plans or goals and resolved to do my best on the job and keep on keepin on.  I went so far as to assume that when the time came for little MB&LNRBs I would encourage MB to have the best paying job possible so I could stay home with the offspring, full time.  This has resulted in discontent and a mild malaise about working, generally.

Recently, MB mentioned an old career dream of mine, in an off-handed kind of way. I shrugged it off, saying that I had abandoned the dream and with it the desire for a more fulfilling career.  My husband balked.  I explained that I had done this because I assumed that his career would be more important in our marriage.  MB scrunched his face up — No, we didn’t decide that — he responded.

And then I realized, we really hadn’t.

I made my first marital mistake by assuming anything without taking it to the table {HC’s table to be exact}.  MB encouraged me to look into my career field of choice and I promised him I would.  As life had it, I received some news today that has currently revamped my interest in taking my career seriously and finding a viable place of employment where I’m valued and am a valuable member of a team.  I’m excited to share my career exploration as it takes shape.

Have you made any marital assumption {career or otherwise} that turned out to be untrue — for your own personal benefit?


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