Fall Fashion Failure Part I

Over the course of the last 9 months I’ve lost myself an appreciable amount of weight.  This means, that as I’m nearing the one year mark of my lifestyle rehab journey, the clothes I wore BEFORE this all happened look a tad frumpy.  While they still fit {read they are not falling off me} mostly because I was too destitute to buy a whole new wardrobe when I was large and in charge, I do not show up to my job looking or feeling pretty, despite the compliments my husband liberally executes upon our departure every morning.

In short — I am going shopping this weekend.  And it is about time!


This trip, unlike trips in the past is going to HAVE to be very strategic.  I’m setting a low budget for myself {probably around $200 – $300} and insisting that I buy only the things that I deem necessary.

Which is a SERIOUS problem because if you turn me loose in a JCrew or Anthropologie everything seems necessary.

So as part one of my strategic plan, I’ve outlined 10 pieces that I think are absolutely necessary for my new fall wardrobe.

  1. A fantastic suit.


To me the glorious thing about buying a well made suit is that you get two pieces that you can mix and match with other outfits for the price of one outfit.  The black suit NEVER goes out of style if cut properly and hopefully we won’t be ballooning again anytime soon as to outgrow said fabu suit.

     2.  A fun, flirty yet professional sheath.


We can already see that said sheath looks amazing with some sassy animal print shoes, sleeveless, and probably amazing with a cute sweater, the suit jacket from above, or if done properly, layered with a crisp button down shirt.

     3.  Amazing riding boots.


Jumping off the never ending style of W&B’s favorite Anna, these boots {particularly these which may or may not blow my whole budget} are a MUST have to go with all the sweets from above to dress them down or to wear with my favorite pair of jeans on a date with HuzBand on a Sunday afternoon.

     4.  A comfy, slouchy sweater.


We here at Wife & Blog love ourselves Rachel Zoe, who chose this sweater.  We also love comfort and staying warm in our FRIGID cube!  How adorable will this be over the suit pants, shift, with jeans + riding boots?  Le sigh.

     5.  Fitted dress shirts.

fitted shirt

I know, le  yawn, but paired with the right accessories — and the right basics from above — these shirts can look ultra sexy and chic without looking boring.

5 is enough for now, right?  Stay tuned for the last of my 5 must have for my shopping extravaganza.

Where do you suggest shopping for great deals on these clothes?  Do you think I’m forgetting anything?

photos credits:  BB&S, JCrew, Ann Taylor, Anthropologie, Piper Lime and Banana Republic.


14 thoughts on “Fall Fashion Failure Part I

    • I totally do toooo!! I could practice being Crazy Aunt LNRB!! 🙂

      We have Hagerstown and Potomac Mills but unfort they trick you into thinking they are outlets but lack the great deals… I think I might start at TJ Maxx/Marshalls and then to Target — any luck with clothes at any of those places?

  1. I haven’t been shopping in for-EVER! I always check the sales rack at Target – they have super cute sweaters and tops for $10 – $30. Have fun!!!

  2. so fun! and good luck!! i have to say i’m a little worried about all this for $200-300, but if you do it, girl, you are a shopping goddess!!

  3. Have you ever checked out Leesburg outlets? They are premium outlets, I don’t think they are too far from potmac outlets and I recently got some great deals there! If you sign up for the free club online before you go, you can print off a lot of extra coupons plus a free voucher for the coupon booklet that they charge $5 for at the outlets! I look forward to hearing about your expedition, I am from the MD area as well! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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