Conquering Domesticity: With Some Help

For those of you that don’t know, I am obsessed with blogs. Like wildly obsessed. If you even so much HINT to the fact that you or someone you know documents life in Internet fashion, I will immediately log on and take it in. Fashion, Weddings, Life, Photography, Computerstuff, you name it I’ll read it.
One of my favorite blogs is the Pioneer Woman. I started out slowly with her {seriously you have GOT to read their love story}, being the first blog I’d ever read, and watched it grow into something massive. My favorite addition was when she started to feature often her cooking and baking. Which she has now turned into a cookbook. Hallelujah!



The reasons for needing this book are pretty simple.

Delicious recipes


Breathtaking photography.





And home girl is straight hilarious.

I’ve spent the last year-and-a-half of my life writing a cookbook. And now I’m finished! Goodnight.

Her recipes are always tasty {blueberry yogurt pound cake anyone?} and you can pre order the cookbook for only $15 on Amazon!  Holler!  I’m sure that PW will help me with my task of cooking dinner everynight for HuzBand — with no complaints from either of us!!

Do you love PW too?  Tell me why!




6 thoughts on “Conquering Domesticity: With Some Help

  1. Ohhhhhh!! I Love PW, her cows, her kids and her cooking!!!! It almost makes me want to marry a cowboy and live on a real farm. Almost! Until Mr. Cowboy finds me I’ll keep living vicariously through PW!

    Love you!!!!

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