W&B Loves: The September Issue

This weekend, MB, Anna and I went to see my {second} favorite Anna light up the screen.



This riveting documentary takes  you inside not only the making of the largest and most influential volume of Vogue, the September 2007 issue, but also gives a very real look at the woman behind the large sunnies and the people surrounds herself with.



After the Devil Wears Prada, a movie in which Meryl Streeps character is largely and supposedly based on Anna Wintour’s personnel management trends, much was quibbled about Madam Wintour’s treatment of everyone from assistants to Armani.  And while the movie definitely left the question of the treatment of the former in question, to the latter it was clear.  Everyone is fair game.



But, if it’s tears, cat fights and back talking you’re going to hear, save your $10.  La Wintour’s attitude towards almost everyone is curt,  yes, and decidedly cold but the feeling behind it is neither of those things.  Anna Wintour knows what she wants.  She knows how much time it will take to get what she wants.  And she would prefer not to waste any of her time, or yours, in the interim thank you very much. 

The movie showed the very human side of someone who was ineptly referred to as the Devil in previous cinematic triumphs.  From her desire to measure up to her brilliant brothers and sister, to her touching relationship with her daughter, and the far reaching effect of her 20 year friendship/collaboration with Grace Coddington, this rare glimpe into Anna Wintour’s life leaves even the biggest cynic feeling a little pull at their heart string.

In short:  If fashion is a religion, then Vogue is the Bible and Anna Wintour is the Christ cometh.  To save us all from bad hair {Sienna} and the coat {because FYI: the jacket is the new coat}.


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