Fall Fashion Failure: Piece One

As you recall, I went hog wild this weekend and tried to fluff up my wardrobe with some classic, timeless, essential pieces.  This attempt was in a word, fail.  I got a cold from my husband and was in a general bad mood this weekend.  We went to Macy’s with my shopping pass as well as DSW, Target and Marshalls.  While I found things I liked everywhere nothing was speaking to me or my wallet.  Rather than give you all the gore — I will give you what I actually successfully found.  Essential # 4 a slouchy sweater.


Store: Macys {Pentagon City}
Brand: eight eight eight
Cost: $50 {originally $68 marked down 25% with a shopping pass for 15%}

I am, admittedly not doing the fabu slouchy sweater any justice here.  It’s a beautiful hand knit 100% cotton jobbie which you can {obviously} throw on in an all black day or {preferably} wear belted over a bright shift.  I’m very happy with my purchase.


and tired apparently

The sweater totalled $50 which may seem like a lot for a sweater but I wanted to buy something quality {read:  no synthetics} that would stand up against a few years of slouchy goodness.

I have received many a compliment and am excited to potentially add some colored slouchies to my wardrobe soon.

Do you like the slouchy sweater?  Would you add it to your fall wardrobe?


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