Marriage is Not Dating

Now that I’m a wife, I feel a certain responsibility to all the other wives in this world.  Being a wife is being part of a very distinct club of women who have vowed to honor and protect, care for and defend people that are worthy of that kind of affection and devotion.

As a new member of this wife squad, as it were, we are not only upholding the people we chose to marry, we are also upholding the age old institution of marriage.  A big task, clearly, but one that we all considered, agreed to, and in some ways work diligently to achieve.

This is why,  when “stars” like Khloe Kardashian decide to wed their boyfriends of after one solid month of dating, my head spins around 360 degrees.



Listen, I’m not trying to be judgey of this particular relationship– I’m just trying to look out for something that I vowed to protect.  Trust me, if I worked for the Humane Society and she was trying to adopt 56 dogs sight unseen, I’d have the same reaction.  Marriage is important to me, and to a lot of people, and its sacred.  Yes I believe when people tell me they were in love instantly, looking back, I loved MB immediately after we started dating.  But good sense, and people surrounding us who believed in marriage, stopped us from getting married approximately 19 seconds after our first date.

What I’m also not saying is that there is a time requirement for dating.  I know a ton of super lovely couples who only dated for 5-6 months before tying the knot.  You probably know these types, too.  And I think that’s the difference.  We actually KNOW these people, like face-to-face friendly familiar interactions know them.  Not the, I watch their disaster of a reality show marathon every Sunday afternoon on E! know them.  The analogy is different for those people we knowvia DVR.  Celebrity is to marriage as NormalPerson is to dating.  It’s something “celebrities” do, flippantly, usually because they can afford to get divorced/annulled/have multiple platinum weddings.

This marriage cited above is clearly going to end in divorce, causing the 50% rate to skyrocket, and also causing general dismay among those of us that value marriage.  I blame these types of unions for marriage as a whole institution failing in our country.  Marriage doesn’t work because too many people ascribe to this ubiquitous celebrity-fueled mentality that marriage is fleeting, dispensable and easily broken.  “Celebrities” that get married under this ruse aren’t making the promise that MB and I made — they can’t possibly be.  And that’s the difference.

My final beef with this whole situation is why in GOD’S NAME would we allow someone  — whose only claim to fame is being who they are, whose talents appear limited, judgement clearly and frequently impaired and whose idea of a good idea is having an open casting call of random men in Miami to date her sister —  marry someone she’s dated for a month, when, in this same star-loving, celebrity-whore-encouraging glorious country of ours do we NOT ALLOW men and women of the same sex —  who regularly and cogently demonstrate their ability to engage in mature, committed adult relationships  — the same right as Madame Celebutante and her basket ball star groom to be?  Is it because there are no E! reality shows about them?   JC?  Tell me!?!?!?!?

What do you think?  Of marriage as an institution that needs to be protected?  {from Kardashians rather than other minority groups, apparently}  Of these impending nuptials?



One thought on “Marriage is Not Dating

  1. at least she’s stimulating the economy – dress designers, caterers, jewelers, etc to get them married, then lawyers, realtors and the rest hired to get them divorced.

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