On Gratitude

There is something that I’ve been meaning to do for 4 weeks and 4 days now.


I have a lot of wonderful people to thank.  And a lot of ways I want to thank them.

I started by hallucinating considering that I would make our thank you cards.  One last DIY triumph bathed in green and blue.  But the new, frugal Lnicole refused to bite the bullet and I went with our pre bought thank yous, which I love.

Then I decided that my life is too messy to begin giving thanks.


How can I thank ANYONE for ANYTHING when the list of what they gifted/did for us is under that pile, somewhere…..

Sigh.  This weekend I MUST own up to the fact that the wedding is over and there are tons of people who want and deserved to be thanked for being a part of the most wonderful day of our life so far.

The most shocking part is I am SO GOOD about sending thank you cards.  A lot of people assumed that since they didn’t get one 8 minutes after the reception ended that I wasn’t doing them.  Oh the horror.

Are you good at thank yous?  How long does it usually take you to show your gratitude?


6 thoughts on “On Gratitude

  1. i started a tradition when i was actually pretty young that i write my christmas thank yous on christmas afternoon while i’m still sitting on the floor surrounded by wrapping paper 🙂

  2. The week after I got engaged–the WEEK after–my family was upset that I hadn’t registered for wedding gifts. So, now that two months have passed since the wedding, and the thank-you cards haven’t been sent, I can only imagine what everyone is saying about me.

    It took me two days to write them, but because we’re putting little pictures in every one, I am just waiting on the photos. I am usually good at writing thank-you cards, and I try to get them out within a week in my ordinary, non-wedding related life. But, because I, too, am in a post-wedding funk, I just decided that it was going to take me longer than usual and that this would just have to be okay.

  3. By the by–I also thought I’d do something really creative and special with the thank you cards, and then I just gave up and went to A.C. Moore and bought some that kind of matched the colors of our invitations.

    They’re only going to end up in the trash five minutes after they’ve been opened, right?


  4. You ARE amazing at thank-you notes and pretty cards and the like. I pale in comparison. And it is super hard to write wedding thank you notes, because a) it’s daunting and b) it means the wedding is over. Le sigh.

    UNTIL you get pro pics and have to make an album, etc. etc. >:-)

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