A Homemade Week: Day 3.5

Day 1, Day 2, Day 2.5, Day 3

After scarfing down the bbQ chicken pizza, MB still needed som nutrients.  He was having a surgical procedure on his belly and couldn’t have food after midnight — so I kept pumping him full of healthy KCals to avoid being too hungry the next morning.  I made him a delightful and easy smoothie!


wife approved

From my head

1 banana
5 frozen strawberries
1/4 c lemonade

Super simple.  Dump all contents into awesomely wedding gifted blender and blend on high until everything is, well,   blended.


Obvs doubled the above recipe so I could have one too!  I used left over summer strawberries that I froze but I used frozen strawberries from my grocers freezer for another smoothie recently and it was MUY tastyito.  For your weight watcher fans — sub the lemonade for skim milk and you’ve got a full glass of 3 point goodness!  Holler!

What’s your favorite smoothie flavor?


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