A Homemade Week: Day 4

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Running errands and having an upper endoscopy can really take it out of a couple.  So we went SUPER simple for dinner on Day 4.  Turkey burgers, sweet peas and another yummo smoothie.


kind of exhausted/grumpy

For the turkey burgers

1 lbs ground turkey
season all salt {to taste}
cracked black pepper {to taste}
1 splash Worcestershire sauce

Mix together all the ingredients.  Form into patties.  Freeze any left over ground turkey.  Smack patties onto amazing Griddler!


Cook until the centers can be cut open and there is no pink! 


As you can see we eat ours on whole wheat tortillas but they are also tasty on buns, toast or wrapped in lettuce.  I also forgot to cook onions because I sucked that night.

I made the smoothie just like in day 3.5 {sub milk for lemonade} and heated the peas out of a can.  Do you like how I am losing steam near the end of the week?

What is your favorite quick and tasty meal?


One thought on “A Homemade Week: Day 4

  1. fish and veg, like asparagus. I usually do some kind of marinade, whether simple like butter/garlic/lemon or maybe something easy and zesty (best on salmon) like dijon/sourcream/mayo/ etc, whatever u have on hand. just a little and broil. Asparagus are super easy if you buy in bulk, clean and snap the ends off at once, and store in a tupperware. Just take them out and either saute w/ a bit of garlic and evoo, or even easier, make a tin foil sack and salt/pep/evoo them and just chuck them in the oven while you cook something else. No timer necessary – just take them out when the other food is done and chances are they’re done too. I like getting bulk organic veg at costco and using it for all kinds of easy meals thru the week. Now i’m getting HUNGRY!

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