Day 2

Today, friends is the second day of my half marathon training!  Day one started off really well!!  I’m super pleased with the program I chose {ala couch25K} and am seeing results already!  Behold:


Right so day one of pre-train!?  CHECK!!

This is even more hilarious given the fact that I made MB turn all the way around from being more than halfway to the metro when I realized I forgot my running shoes in the apartment and that “I can’t start freaking training for a half marathon without my shoes?!?!”  He, surprisingly did not hate me as much as I anticipated.  What he did hate was the one and only half marathon race that I want to enter after my training is over.



After training for 13 weeks, I think I deserve some princess treatment, no?  And I feel like the weekend of March 5-7 running through the streets of the Magic Kingdom celebrating my princess-ness and the completion of 13.1 miles.  While usually wildly supportive of my fitness endeavors, MB kindly asked that I find another race to run.  After about 6 seconds of searching I gave up.  There is clearly no other race for me.

Beyond needing a crown shaped medal, I sought my half marathon training plan to give me some other goals to work for.  While I still adore, WW, {obvs!!} I’m at a plateau and I am having a really hard time cutting other things out of my diet.  I figured a huge change in the way that I exercise would be a great way to get over this weigh-plan hump.  At the same time, it dawned on me that I could use this new type of goal setting to fit into my Day Zero project and my half marathon training began.

Coincidentally, I can’t run this evening, as I’m giving blood and can’t elevate my blood pressure that much.  Whoops!  See you for the 4 miles!



7 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. I ran the Baltimore 1/2 Marathon twice. It’s an awesome race that I highly recommend! However, it’s a fall race that probably doesn’t jive with your goal timeline. But for future reference!!! 🙂

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