Princess Miles

In an attempt to keep to my schedule, and keep you all deliciously informed of my life, I’ve decided to chart and report on my mileage in the training program, couch to 5 k, in prep for the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  Hooray!  I can’t decide whether it will be more annoying if I post every day that I run versus every week’s results, so we’ll give the first week, the pre train a shot at the everyday recap.

My mileage for this race will obviously be measured in and refered to as Princess Miles because I am in fact a Princess in training!



Pre Train — Wednesday 4Princess Miles.


From my place of employment, roughly to the Lincoln Memorial is 2.1 miles.  For the third day of training {I skipped Tuesday in an attempt to be ready to donate blood} I ran this route, ran around Mr. Lincoln and then back to my start point for a total of 4.2 Princess Miles.  This run is gloriously easy.  Very simple grades, most flat surface, nice big sidewalks and tons of cool things to look at.  There are also always a ton of other runners in and around the national mall which is kind of motivating.  I hit my stride really REALLY early in the run {which is shocking because I haven’t run in almost a week} and by the end I was tired but not wiped, which is a good sign.  I also slept like a little kid last night which is a major bonus.  I have 12 more Princess Miles to run for the rest of the week!

Do you like getting the every day update?


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