Tummy Troubles

As you know, Hubsy suffers from an incurable disease which can be exacerbated by anything from seasonal allergies to the flu.  Of course, we try to keep him in the best health possible so as not to get all yuck tastic on us, but recently it’s been really difficult.  MB has had a lot of stomach pain {starting with the weekend of the wedding} that absolutely won’t quit.  Since becoming insured were able to get him an upper endoscopy that would tell us what was going on in there as regular tummy relief meds weren’t doing their job.

Happily, we found out earlier this week that MB’s tummy is mostly fine, just a little irritation as he makes too much stomach acid.  Otherwise he’s in good health.  But wait?  It still hurts!

The GI explained that he’d have to continue on the Nexium, which helps control the acid, and a drug called carafate which he has to take before eating which basically get his tummy ready for the incoming. 

We went to get his prescription of Nexium filled when we found out that our health insurance provider won’t pay for the Nexium until he’s tried other, less expensive types of drugs.  The frustrating part of this declaration on the insurance company’s part is that we’ve tried other related drugs which are formulated differently that left MB feeling still very sick.  We know, after our own trial and error, forced on us by the $300 a month price tag for my uninsured love’s medicine, that other drugs do not work.  Doesn’t matter, replies the health insurance people, this is what we do.  We think you should try the other drugs first.  {But don’t worry, our health care system in this country isn’t in crisis.  Nope.  Just another day of an insurance company negating a patient’s GP’s prescription based on the bottom line.  Totes fine.  Totes!!!}

So now, MB is on a drug that doesn’t really work.  While he reports he’s not feeling terrible, I know he’s still not feeling great.  And since, according the GI, there’s really nothing wrong with him, we’ve got to figure out a way to ensure my over acid producing husband isn’t in constant pain.

I’m developing some plans which I’ll share ASAP but in the meantime, does anyone out there have any suggestions?  Do you have your own stories to share about the horrifying state of health care?


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