W&B Loves: Fall!

I absolutely cannot believe that it is already October!!  It’s such an exciting month in la casa del Wife & Blog!  There are three family birthdays!!  There is a fabu wedding!!  We heart Halloween.  Le sigh!

In appreciation and celebration of October’s harkening, here’s a run down of my favorite fall things!



Fall leaves, duh.



Candy corn pumpkins.  SO ADDICTING and so delicious!!



Last year, our pumpkin picking and carving was severely hampered by illness but this year we are going to make it rain all over that nonsense!!



I don’t really even drink latte’s anymore but holy moses are these things good.  I’ll def be treating myself to one with Jan when I am home this weekend.

The list could go on and on!!  Mulled Cider!  Pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting!  Cuddly sweaters!!  Cool, crisp air!!  I lurrrvvvee me some fall!

What is your favorite part of this season?


5 thoughts on “W&B Loves: Fall!

  1. Can you believe I’ve never tried the spiced pumpkin latte? As soon as it cools off around here (uh, maybe December-ish?), I’m headed to the coffee shop! 🙂

    • Get you to a coffee shop IMMEDIATELY woman! They might be able to do it iced which would be a nice repirieve on a still balmy afternoon!!

  2. october is actually my favorite month, despite the fact that it’s NOT my birthday month! * gasp * i second you on the leaves and the candy corn and the pumpkin spice lattes. i also love crisp air, grey skies, wind, boots, sweaters, scarves, candle-light dinners and the clouds this time of year!

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