As someone who just proclaimed I’m uninterested in material possessions here is my list of things that I am absolutely DYING to own.

  1. A Cricut.  Oh the beautiful cards I could make!
  2. A Polaroid camera.  Why do their pictures always look so much more romantic/fabu?
  3. A raw silk bolero.  ‘Nuff said.

I’ll stop there.


3 thoughts on “Wants!

  1. Ok so I have an idea of how to get you at least one of those things. I am itching to use/own a cricut myself – so why don’t we pool our $$ and buy one to share? Maybe if you have 1 or 2 other friends in the area who want to do the same, it’d be practically free? And we could rotate the thing either quartely, monthly, or as-needed? This is something that is probably more of a personal email than a message post, but I LOVE the cricut and I bet others do to!

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