Penguins, Penguins Pearls!

We are the girls of Theta Theta Phi Phi.  Theta Phi. Theta Phi. Theta Phi Alpha HEY!

And we took ourselves on a cupcake tour of Georgetown.  Next time there will be shirts!


from left: tinybig, LnotMCanymore, Little’sBFF, Little C, et moi!

We started at Furins in Gtown, a lovely, delicious Euro cafe fit with the biggest cupcakes in the land!


chocolate Ganache, double chocolate and red velvet

Coming out of the gate strong, there red velvet was, I believe a clear winner.  Next, to Baked and Wired!


Where there was strawberry and chocolate peanut butter cupcakes to be had.


There was also an adorable bar that we were able to sit at to take cutesy sorority type photos.


Little’s BFF performed expert CC surgery to allow maximum sharing of the favo cupcake from B+W


On our way out we noticed some old time reenactments going on in the canal at Gtown.


My only hope for the people who came before me was that the cupcake was around for them to eat after lowering the lock.  Onward!  To gtown cupcake!


Where we waited in line for 45 minutes, were interviewed by a dude with a video camera about the allure of cupcakes {um HELLO!  TINY bitesized cakes with frosting on every bite?!  are you a communist?!} and then bought 3 more CCs.


Coconut, lemonberry and chocolate ganache were chosen.  I somehow don’t have pictures to share.  But the chocolate and lemonberry were the fan favos.  I also brough out a cupcake from Dean and Deluca, Lemon Orange, which was also loved by all.

Throughout the cupcake tour, I completely abstained.  I am on a MISSION to loose my remaining weight, make goal, and be a life time member of WW.  I was pretty proud of myself.  That and on Sunday, when Husband returned, I treated him to his own in home cupcake tour, as I bought the Bday boy a cupcake at every one of our stops!


Furin’s red velvet, B+W Pumpking Cheesecake, GTCC Chocolate cubed and pumpkin maple.

He loved it!



Have you ever gone on a cupcake tour?  Where would you go?


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