Starting the Process

This is really horrifying.  Like truly, I’m having a hard time admitting it.  So here goes.

I only have completed 12 Thank You Cards.


Despite the shockingly low numbers, I did manage to create a working environment conducive to you know working on it.  Here are the contents of my thank you card necessity kit {clockwise from top left}:

  • Stack of cards/list of gifts from guests – for reference when writing heartfelt note of thanks
  • Pack of  adorable sparkly thank you notes specifically for fun loving family.
  • Banana, raspberry and strawberry smoothie, with bendy straw.
  •  Inappropriat car air freshener HuzBand purchased for brother which reads:  “Skipping:  Jogging’s Gay Cousin”.  Le sigh.
  • Very fancy thank you cards for very formal thank yous.
  • Hysterical thank you cards for close friends and bridal party.
  • Fine point sharpy.

Despite being all set and ready to go, I only managed 12 expressions of gratitude.  And now almost 8 weeks away from our wedding, the liklihood of getting any closer is getting slimmer and slimmer!

Really.  What do you think is wrong with me!


One thought on “Starting the Process

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