Hokie Spirit Memorial Golf Tournament Recap

What now seems like 1 million years ago, I took myself to the fair city of Richmond VA to volunteer for the Hokie Spirit Memorial Golf Tournament!


The morning started out as most golf tourney’s do.  With registration.


Golfers assembled.


And before we knew it, we volunteers were off to the game  holes, drinks in hand, obvs, to get some golfing started.


It was a beautiful day for a golf tournament.  I had the pleasure and privilege of sitting all day on the green for the closest to the pin game with Kelly Griffin, who works at the Office of Recovery and Support at Virginia Tech.  Kelly was such a joy to be around all day.  Her passion for life and what she does, as an instrument in the healing process for Tech’s community, is inspiring, and I was so pleased to have made such a wonderful new BFF at such a fabulous event!


After all the golfers were done, HC, her father and sister in law thanked everyone for being there.


I helped HC pass out some fabu prizes for the winning golfers.  Unfort, Trubs, Fran, K and M were NOT the winning team. 


But they still managed a fabu prize!!

At the end of the day, I got a pic with the head boss lady herself.


sorry my bangs are attacking you!!

It’s participation in events like this that really astound me with regard to my bests.  HC is so selfless, important, organized and motivated that when I showed up that day, I was literally in awe.  She has garnered so much respect for herself and more importantly the cause that she and countless others work for that it literally boggles my mind.  I count myself supremely lucky that I am even on her radar as a friend.

Do you have friends that are just too awesome for words?


One thought on “Hokie Spirit Memorial Golf Tournament Recap

  1. I do have a friend that is just to awesome for words — you. And while I wish not to discount all the amazing things you’ve said about me above – it’s people like you who hand baked goods and mailed them to our family after the shootings and sent support and love and the donors and sponsors and survivors who gave everything from $1 to $250 that make each day a little easier and proof that even great things can come from horrible days.

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