W&B Loves: Freya Art & Design

While doing my daily stalking of fabulous women on the internet that I don’t know {legally} I stumbled on this beauty featured of EADL.



I clicked right on over to Freya Art & Design and was completely floored!  All sorts of whimsical beautiful wall hangings, ripe for the choosing!

This beautiful, serendipitous event happens hot on the heels of my complaining to Anna that I needed to revamp our new little nest with some high class decorating.  While Freya is on vacation, and I can’t tell how much these go for, I will certainly be begging MB to allow me to purchase 1 {maybe 7} to fill up our plain, vacant walls.





These paintings would be amazing gifts for baby showers, birthdays, or brides and grooms to be.  Or just anyone on any day.  Like LNRB.  On a Thursday.  Head to Freya’s Gallery.  Which one is your favorite? 


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