From LNR to LNRB: How to Meet and Snag MB

It occurred to me as I was crunching my butterfinger mini that I have a lot of fantastic readers who have absolutely NO idea how MB and I met, fell in and out of love {many times over} and finally got engaged.  I gave bits and pieces of the story on Bride and Blog, before I was a better blogger, and am now ready to spill the whole story.  Enjoy!

I had just just been dater dumped by a really huge jerk.  Via Instant Messenger.  I had zero minus 1million interest in attending the ice skating mixer with my sisters and HIS FRATERNITY later that night.  {In retrospect I wasn’t that broken over it as the night before I spent a very cozy, comfortable evening with ANOHTER of his fraternity brothers, but that’s really here nor there, now is it? }  As co-social chair, however, I had no choice.   I hid my hickies {seriously, what is wrong with me} and away I went.

When I got there, I avoided both of them like the plague, my makeout buddy was not the most fun to be around in public and the other toolhat was just that.  IMdumper, however, sought me out and INSISTED that I meet his OTHER fraternity brother, MB, whom he thought would be a much better fit for me.  As he drug me across the outdoor rink, I hissed that I SERIOUSLY doubted that I’d have any better luck with another one of his Dbag brothers, when there he was.  Tall, adorable and smiling nervously from ear to ear.  He stuck out his hand and introduced himself, immediately following up with “I heard you are applying to law school” To which I most likely responded {haughtily} “Absolutely, any other details of my dossier that IMdumper shared with you that you’d like to discuss” before promptly turning on my heel and dashing away. 

Hindsight suggests that the exchange was a little more warm because at the after party MB cozied right up to me and struck up some more conversation.  I was trying to play him off because my makeout buddy was smiling at me from across the room.  Finally, I declared I had to go when MB asked me for my number.  “I don’t give boys my number,” I responded, “but you can have my screen name”.

And away I went.

K, your turn.  Give me your best first encounter story!  And stay tuned for more in the series!


5 thoughts on “From LNR to LNRB: How to Meet and Snag MB

  1. How V and I met: My BFF convinced me that I just had to meet this guy she was dating. Ok, cool, so we go to a party at his house one cold Pittsburgh night. Within seconds of walking in, some guy introduces himself to me as the roommate of my BFF’s new BF. (I think to myself “Damn, he’s hot”) Then I proceed to lose terribly against him in a game of beer pong. The rest of the night I pretend to ignore him (thinking he must be dating this other girl at the party – who happend to be his best friend who was a girl). Instead of chatting, I wander around and collect beer tabs for my sorority’s fundraiser, and even leave like 20 minutes after getting there to go to a different party. For some reason, I decide to go BACK to his party later that night – get wildly drunk (always a good thing to do in these situations, obviously) and by the end of the night he had me sitting on his lap while he fed me antoon’s pizza. And the rest is history! Classy, I know 🙂

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