From LNR to LNRB: Jesus Was Our Chaperone

After our fateful first meeting at an ice skating rink, and what I remember as a terse conversation that followed, MB diligently harassed me, over Instant Messenger, the following Saturday to hang out.  Trying not to lead this really nice guy on, I proclaimed that I had a mound of studying to do and had to go to church {I RARELY went to mass in college} so if he wanted to join me for any of these things that’d be fine.  For some reason, he agreed, to all of them.  Flustered, I tried to give him my phone number, but omitted the last digit accidentally and signed off.

Forcing MB, when he arrived at my sorority’s suite, where I live to call the main line.  Poor kid.  Except, he didn’t know the main line number.  Uh oh.

Luckily for him DoubleD was about to run out for the evening and found him in the lobby of our building.  After a quick exchange D called up to have someone sign  him in while I finished fretting all over our suite.  And a minute later, there MB was, standing awkwardly in the bedroom I shared with two other sisters, watching me apprehensively eat a bowl of corn pops trying to pack to study with this kid {and about 3 other people I recruited so it wasn’t a date} and not make any eye contact.  Because, it hit me as he stood there nervously but excitedly, that this was a really nice guy.  And as a general rule for about oh, all of my adult life, I didn’t date nice guys.  I didn’t know how to handle them.

In a flash we were upstairs in the school’s library, books open everywhere chatting away {as is usual in our school’s library} with my sorority sister Bemis, having a really nice time.  Which I realized too late.  I couldn’ thav ea nice time with this kid!  I was in two very dysfunctional relationships with men I didn’t care about!  I couldn’t jeopardize that for some guy who seemed to have everything I was looking for and on top of it was super super SUPER nice.  I jumped out of my seat proclaiming it was time for Jesus, and he could come if he wanted {didn’t he HAVE TO BE CATHOLIC TOO?!}. 

As we stood in that Saturday evening mass together, I felt it.  He liked me.  This was horrible.  He leaned over near the end of mass and quietly asked me if he could take me to dinner.  I hadn’t eaten anything since my cornpop snack earlier, I thought he meant that evening.  Sure I whispered back, but you have to block me {blocks were our school’s meal plan}.  A little shocked, he agreed and he took me on a very romantic date to our student union.

There we shared a meal {I had a bagel with ketchup.  I intended to have jam on it but the jam packet burst in my coat pocket.  The coat pocket is still sticky from that first dinner together…}, some more outstanding conversation.    He walked me back upstairs and we said goodbye.  I knew I had to put a stop to this immediately.

It’s just getting good!  Promise!  Although it’s nothing like the Pioneer Woman’s Story!

Did you have a spazztastic first date?  Or is it just me?


3 thoughts on “From LNR to LNRB: Jesus Was Our Chaperone

  1. On our first official date, I tried to kiss Tom but he’s so tall that I missed. It ended up more like a very awkward hug. We eventually figured things out 🙂

  2. Marc and I went to Primanti Bros. because one of his roomies said that chicks like it as a general principal- obvi 🙂 Somehow I managed not to make a total mess of myself, but that was a close call for sure!

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