Princess Miles: 5 of ‘EM

Recently I ran 5 whole Princess Miles.  In under 45 minutes!!  I’m so thrilled with myself.

However, last night I was in a WORLD of hurt.  Seriously, even my tush hurt.  So upsetting.  I was lamenting my aches and pains to Husband who reminded me that my body was just getting used to all these new exercises, and the new routine, which, I remembered is super outstanding.

I’m constantly amazed with my body.  I’m amazed that one day I can run 4 miles and feel like arse afterwards and the next day I can run 5 and feel sore, yes, but really exhilarated. 

It also amazed me what a huge part my mind plays in my physical exertion.  On days that I’m running three short miles, after I hit that three-mile mark there is NO WAY I could take that extra step.  And on five-mile days it’s the same.  And while I’m not even CLOSE to running half of the half marathon distance, I know that when I cross that finish line in March, it will be a huge struggle to take one extra step.

This is sort of rambly, but in short, I’m super excited for the race tomorrow, in part because this will be the first race that MB will see me run in its entirety {once in college I ran a 5k for the Greek and MB was there, walking it, and I ran past him} and especially as my husband.  I’m a very proud member of the Bteam!

What does your body do that amazes you?


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