From LNR to LNRB: Now We’re Making Out!!!

After our initial church date which followed hot on the heels of our ill-fated first meeting, I realized, after hashing this out with a few of our mutual friends and my sorority sisters, that MB had a weensy crush on yours truly.  I was super conflicted.  I liked the 2 times we hung out and as mentioned, he was exactly what I wanted in a dater, but whats the f un in that?  Getting mired down in another boring, sort of hurtful, lame long-term relationship when I could {and DID} make out with every single human on the planet?

I decided for the latter.

I IM broke up {if you can call it that} with MB the next night.  Something to the tune of I don’t want to lead you on but I’d love to be your friend kind of thing.  MB was crushed, as evidenced by his SUPER SAD IM away messages.  Which, shockingly, made me really sad {I, to this point, was pretty convinced I had no heart, soul or conscious} so I called him up and was like hey!  We’re friends!  Wanna hang out?

And hang out we did.  For about 3 weeks we spent every freaking minute together.  MB would skip class, I would skip work.  We were always together.  And I would constantly reassure him we were NOT dating.  We were hanging out.  As friends.  And one night, after much of this insistence until the wee hours of the morning at his apartment, in the midst of storming away he kissed me.  Or, I kissed him.  Yep it was me.  Mrs-we-are-not-dating-nor-do-I-want-to-be-your-GF kissed him.  And kept kissing him.  Awkwardly, in the hallway of his Honor’s College Apartment building.  Finally, I snapped out of it and looked him in the face!  OH NO!  I shrieked, Now we’re making out.

Later that week, I declared that we were in fact dating.  But that he couldn’t make a big deal about it.  Or anything.

I really wish I could say and they lived happily ever after at this point.  But we are FAR from it!

When did you realize you were dating or it was high time to date your SO?


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