My Husband and Our Bathroom

This weekend, we hosted my brother and his fiance at our house.  While we weren’t the sole reason for their visit, it was really awesome to hang out with them.  I really wish they lived closer.

I digress.

What really had me trippin’ was that I absolutely did NOT have time to clean up our tiny little apartment for their visit.  So the joint was a mess — I haven’t cleaned in  A MONTH!

Sunday, after a disastrous meeting at WW, a really lovely dinner date and a trip to Target, I declared to my husband that we had to clean.   And he had to help.  I volunteered him for the bathroom.  While I was met with some obvious resistance {the same type of whining I do in my head when I decide it’s time to clean} when it was time to pick up the cloth and really scrub up, he did it.  And our bathroom looks amazingly sparkly.

Meanwhile, I dusted and ran the sweeper and pet hair collector in our living room, which further proves that I am in desperate need of a new vacuum, because every time I use ours {so once a month} everything smells like feet afterward.



The overarching lesson, however, was that while my husband doesn’t see the grime and dirt that I sometimes let us live in, he IS willing to help clean it up with me.  And that is the most refreshing thing of all.

Does your partner help with the housework?  Do you have to delegate or do they pick it up on their own?


3 thoughts on “My Husband and Our Bathroom

  1. This is an area of much disagreement. We have worked out a system of sorts. I am in charge of surfaces, and he is in charge of floors. I also clean up after him during the week (i.e. sweep crumbs off counter, try to figure out which clothes in the pile next to his bed are dirty or clean, put dirty dishes in the sink), and I do most of the cooking. He has kitty litter and trash and recycling patrol. We share the laundry and the dishes, though he is usually on top of the former while I take care of the latter.

    Even though we have a system, I still get incensed when he leaves dirty dishes on the counter or dirty socks in the living room. He complains about collecting all the shoes I leave around the house and about being the only one interested in the kitty litter. I can’t see his side, and he can’t see mine. It is infuriating. Just this morning I told him that I would stop putting my clothes in the hamper as a protest, and he countered with a threat to stop taking out the trash. It was a draw.

    But, each Saturday, we spend an hour and a half cleaning the place, and when we’re done, we’re both pretty happy, so at least there’s that. Now, if I could only talk him into hiring a cleaning service…

  2. Let me clarify…I meant to say “his side of the bed,” not “his bed”. We are not currently residing in an episode of The Donna Reed Show.

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