Wolf Trap 5K Results

As you all well know, I “ran” the Wolf Trap 5k on Saturday.  I use the term run loosely as my time was a paltry 30:16 and when I finally crossed the finish line, I almost collapsed, but we’ll get to that.

Saturday morning at 7:15 am came really quick for HuzBand and I.  As in MB was not at all prepared for it.  But after me threatening to throw a hissy fit, we made it to North Western VA to Wolf Trap National Park, with plenty of time to spare.


So MB made me stretch.  I’m not really too big on stretching.


Then, on your mark!


Get set!


There I go!


those people leisurely walking on my left probably beat me to the finish.

I’ve run a heinous course or two in my day, as most of my running took place in Pittsburgh, but man was this awful.

run course

When you sign up for a race at Wolf Trap, you think you’re going to running in the park.  Right?  WRONG!!  You end up running all over the damn neighborhoods, fit with tons of hills, really grueling hills.  Which is ironic because just the other day, I thought to myself, I’m not going to need any hill training in my half marathon schedule.  HA!  I could barely make it past the 2.5 K mark which is in the upper left hand corner of this map, in the yellow.  Nonetheless, I REFUSED to quit.



When those photos were taken, I really thought I was almost done.  Really.  There are so many things I want to tell the girl in those pictures….

While I was killing myself running for the Arts, MB was loafing taking pictures of the beautiful park, waiting to snap my picture when I came around the bend.  It was actually pretty awesome to see him along the course.  Despite the fact I felt like quitting/arse, his smile ALWAYS  makes me smile, and I smiled the whole way up the last two mountainous hills.




Then finally after 30 minutes and 16 seconds, with my local state senator cheering me on {random} I crossed the finish line!


I immediately thought to myself, OK, in March it will only be 10 more miles from here.  ACCCCKKKKK!!!

What I love about races is that it gives you a sense how you’ll actually perform when there are about five hundred other people running a long side you.  While I find it a huge boost to pass people while running {that’s horrible, I’m sorry} I also find it really upsetting to be passed, so it forces me to pace myself more quickly than I would on my regular runs, but also helps me keep it together so I’m not spending half the race in a dead sprint {When I run after work on the mall, I will literally sprint to pass other runners/baby carriages/elderly people.  I’m insane}

MB was a huge help before and after the run, keeping me calm, hydrated and full of potassium.  He even drove home.


The final local run is in 2 weeks and I’m looking to improve my time.  Any suggestions?

I get to check something off my Day Zero list!!  What did you do this weekend?


2 thoughts on “Wolf Trap 5K Results

  1. I remember you always have to lift your knees when you hit an uphill like you are doing high knees on a flat surface. Your feet will cover more distance and you’ll actually use less energy so long as you pump your knees and your arms!

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