Foray into Adulthood: The Headboard

There’s something about having a bed without a head/foot board that is so expressly college.  Metal bed frame on casters?  Check!  Hand me down springs and mattress?  Check!  OR Mattress and bed frame that comes with your furnished apartment?  Check!  As such, when MB moved in, high on my priority list, post couch, was the ever elusive real, legit bed frame.   Elusive exclusively because of the cost {the bed frame on our wedding registry was over $1,000}, I had pretty much accepted that we’d either have to make the headboard ourselves or wait until we could save for it.

Enter the Crate and Barrel Outlet near our home.  And it’s $20 solid wood headboard!


Super sweet, right?  Here’s the finished product avec the beautiful bed set from MOH and husband!


Looking better already!

What furniture items make you feel like an adult?


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