Run, Do Not Walk to Your Nearest Bookseller

And buy this cookbook.



I believe I gushed about how excited I was that I went and pre-ordered this puppy for myself.  But I really wasn’t expecting such a cooking-life changing book to arrive at my doorstep.  Seriously.  Since its arrival I’ve read the book cover to cover like a novel, planned almost 10 meals for the month of November from the recipes and have successfully created 4 of her concoctions to wildly rave reviews.  Seriously.  For reals.

Now, as I said, run, do not walk to the nearest book seller but BE WARNED.  These recipes are for meat loving, hardworking, calorie hungry cowboys.    So if you’re one of those cooks that follows the recipe TO THE LETTER, be prepared to be faced with  A LOT of butter, bacon + fat, and carbs.  But if you’re like me, you’ll sub out what you can where to make it a little more figure friendly {don’t tell Ree — and don’t punch her either.  She HAS to eat the stuff she cooks, and she’s still pretty smokin’.  L-A-M-E!}

As proof of Ree’s success as cook book authoress, here is her folded apple pie, made by yours truly on Halloween.  Dough and all.


Honey crisp apples peeled and cut!  {I love  using a peeler!}


Cutting into the dough.  This is a SERIOUSLY amazing accomplishment.  I have NEVER EVER mixed/rolled/used dough from scratch.  I just never  had the knack, despite my love of baking.  However, I was able to persevere and create a tasty treat!


Into the oven and then VIOLA!


A word to the wise DO NOT sprinkle with cinnamon on stop — burny mess.  Also make sure to LINE your baking sheet with parchment paper!  And to use all the apple you have {I didn’t have enough and there was carmel goodness not being caught by an apple EVERYWHERE in my life.  I finally got it all cleaned up!}


Serve a pizza cutter cut slice to husband warm with ice cream.  Very happy husbands abound!

Do you have a favo cookbook?  Please share!


4 thoughts on “Run, Do Not Walk to Your Nearest Bookseller

  1. omg yum.

    i am very traditional and rely on my good old fashioned stand by, the fannie farmer cookbook, which i adore. in fact, it might be one of the things i’d grab before running out of my burning apartment. that and my boyfriend. and my cross stitch project. and the famous black suede booties. OH and my great great great grandmother’s sapphire ring. 🙂

    • And me if I’m there. And the book I gave you. 🙂 Fannie farmer can still be purchased on amazon for $21 cook book lovers! i might buy myself a copy for Xmas 😀

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