From LNR to LNRB: Huge Mistake

For the rest of the semester MB and I galloped about campus completely in love.  Sort of. 

The horrible and awful truth of the matter was despite being so blissfully involved with MB I was also {retrospectively not so blissfully} involved with a boy from HS whom I had dated my whole entire life. 

Full Disclosure:  I really thought that other guy was the one for me.

Truly, I thought we were going to ride off into the sunset of dysfunction and incompatibility.  I think it’s what I wanted {and I was used to getting what I wanted} and when pressed, he was the choice I made.

So I went back to Pittsburgh, after moving out of the sorority suite and into my parent’s house for the summer, to break up with MB.

I broke his heart.  It was really awful.  It struck me that I was so upset that he was so upset but I really thought that I was making the right decision.

I spent all summer with the other boyfriend, all the while, wondering why MB wasn’t calling me.  {Duh!}

We saw each other a few times when I was back in the ‘Burgh stirring up trouble, but nothing really came of it.  We’d talk over ice cream and there was still something there clearly, but I was trying my best to ignore it and he was trying his best to move on.

And in three short months I was off to big city.  The city that would forever change my life:  DC!

Did you accidentally {or purposefully} break your SO’s heart in the course of dating?

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