Gallery Style

We pretty much hate our apartment.  And be we, I mean me.  And by hate I mean, well hate.  After hearing that my neighbor hates me, and having a terrible no good week, I decided I absolutely loathed our little nest.  MB, suggested to make it a little more homey and decided to take on a project I had delegated for a few weeks from now, creating a gallery from a blank wall in our dining room.


We bought 2 packs of 10 frames in different sizes from Target, and MB set to matting, mounting and cleaning all the frames and their picture inhabitants.  Then, he layed them all out on the floor. To try to arrange them.


Seeking my approval, he asked me to take a stab at arranging the gallery.  He was NOT pleased with the results.


Putting together your wall gallery is like putting together a puzzle.  And apparently I’m pretty horrible at puzzles.

After this false start, MB finally got everything up on the wall.


It’s a work in progress {we’re lamentably contracted in this place until June 2011!!!} but I am kind of in love with it!

Do you have a gallery in your house?  Would you consider doing one?


6 thoughts on “Gallery Style

    • thanks! we have these great friends who are artists…you might know them. John and Kim. Anyway, they are very inspirational artsy wise you know — they might be out your way. Look them up.

  1. I really like this! I want to do this in our bedroom – but then they say not to have pics in your bedroom because it’s a place to sleep, etc. So I’m torn. Anyways, what did you mean by “MB set to matting, mounting…” How do you do that? Where do you buy the supplies? So inspirational!

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