Home for the Holidays

Now that we’re all nice and married, and we are quickly nearing the middle of November {SO crazy, right?} it’s time to start thinking and in some cases executinig our co-mingled family holiday operation 2009.  Or what we call Home for the Holidays.

This year, Hello Pretty Weddings has the absolute pleasure of helping its last 2009 bride come into marriage with her new husband in STYLE.  This is all taking place in the greatest city on Earth the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Given the proximity to my parents home then, it made the most sense spend the day with them and then haul ourselves to the ‘Burgh for the nuptials.  This was met with zero resistance as MB’s family {read Mom, Dad and this year Nanny and PopPop C} really enjoyed celebrating over turkey at our place the weekend before.  Done and done.

Then Christmas was a no brainer.  Last year, we packed ourselves and our presents up on Christmas morning and headed to Reading to celebrate with MB’s family {the whole shebang} for the day and the following weekend.  Since we spent Xmas there last year, we would obviously spend it with my parents and family this year.

And this, dear readers is where we {and by we I mean me} were dead wrong.  NOTHING is obvious when trying to strategically plan for operation Home for the Holidays.  Nothing.

MB subsequently did not think this plan was good, fair or necessary.  Completely blacking out last years plans and going off of what was performed THIS YEAR {tgiving in Jtown}, we would obvs be going to Eastern PA for Santa, etc.

Though not my original idea, I attempted to acquiesce, and when I ran this by my family they were a little bummed.  They were looking forward to having us on the big 12/25 and had already made some plans. 

So we went back to the drawing board.

As it stands we are in with my family on the celebration of BOTH holidays {like the actual day} and his family before or immediately following on both occasions.  I’m fine with the situation, as everyone else seems to be, but I can’t help but wonder what this will mean for our Operation Home for the Holiday Planning 2010…

Do you have more than one {or 2, 6, 9} schedules to accomodate this holiday season?  How do you deal?


6 thoughts on “Home for the Holidays

  1. we split for t’giving and celebrate it with out respective families, and then have xmas at home in our little nest just the two of us. i then generally go home to see my ‘rents either for my birthday (right before) or for a couple days after.

  2. We (and by we mean me because Matt doesn’t care at all one way or the other) have a hard with this in a different way than most. We grew up 9 houses apart and our parents still live 9 houses apart. One would think this would make life much much easier during the holidays and overall visitation but it DOES NOT. Both families do holidays different (i.e. his family enjoy drinking and mine does not) (his fam is Catholic and mine is Baptist) so we try to mesh them as much as possible and since my sis isn’t married with another family to consider that works. For example, we’re spending TGiving at my in laws house but my mom is cooking the dinner. In any situation however there’s the time to be considered – we have to make sure that each family gets equal visitation rights – usually a concern for my family (refer back to drinking) because I like drinking. For Christmas – we have the extended family Christmases (mine the weekend before Christmas) and I don’t know about his come to think of it. Christmas Eve – this year we’ll start at his house, then to services with my family (last year was his), dinner with mine but then Christmas morning with his family and Christmas afternoon with mine.

    I hope this confused every reader. Because that’s how I feel.

  3. Are you effing kidding me???

    Honestly Mark?!!!!

    Let’s run down the list:

    1: Reading lacks any sort of large tv or gaming system.
    2: Reading lacks any sort of brother in law who will sit in his underwear and play games all xmas day.
    3: Reading lacks New Super Mario Bros. that my mom said she got me by accident and that you (Mark) will be playing w/ me on Xmas day (pants optional).
    4: Santa called and he said that if you decide to stay in Reading he wants no part of that.
    5: Your mom gave away your Sega.
    6: You can watch me eat close to 41.49 million calories in ham, turkey, and cookies in one day.

    Obviously a no brainer on what to do! As for future wife and I, since we both live in Jtown, I think it won’t be a problem when we are official…and by that I mean we will probably stay at her place for every major holiday.

  4. I have a great idea, for many years Mark spent Christmas Eve at our house, the two of you could come to Reading Christmas Eve and spend it at our house with Tom and Britt and then go to mid night mass with Mark’s family. Get up early Christmas morning to open presents and have breakfast with Mark’s family, then leave to have supper and spend the rest of the day with your family. Sounds like a plan to me. We would love to spend Christmas Eve with you.

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