Left Overs for Breakfast

On the weekends, MB LURVES it when I make him breakfast.  I’m almost always up before he is and by the time he’s ready to eat, I can usually have something PRETTY tasty cooking.  Recently, I took our left over meal and made him a delicious south western omelet of sorts.


Now is a good time to tell you that I freeze everything.  It’s a trait I inherited from Jan who will, if given the opportunity, freeze anything worth saving.  So be warned, if you are visiting and she likes you, stay AWAY from the freezer.

Since I’ve finally gotten my life together a little bit, and am doing more at home cooking, I find this left over bit a little overwhelming, especially since MB and I like something new for dinner each night.  I’ve taken to freezing half the left overs and keeping half to send with him to work over the week.  My system works out nicely.

And sometimes, when I’m digging around in the freezer for my smoothie fixins I come across some left overs that I can use in another tasty dish, like an omelet, which is exactly what I did here.


The ground beef, tomatos and corn were left overs from some tasty quesadillas I made a few weeks ago, I added some egg, obvs, cheese and my favo garlic lovers salsa from Safeway.


Et vioala!

I’m excited to be honing these “reuse” skills now before we have offspring.  This freezing and keeping really cuts down the cook and prep time and makes for some tasty meals.

Are you a left over cooker?  Or do you hate left overs {I’m a total convert!!}


One thought on “Left Overs for Breakfast

  1. Have you ever watched Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller on Food Network? She makes 3 meals using similar ingredients and it saves a ton of time. You can even download shopping lists.

    I make enough food to feed 4-6 people. Mr. Best Man eats a lot and luckily loves leftovers 🙂

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