Princess Miles: And That My Friends is the Half

I have been, by all accounts, really sucking at my half marathon training.  Last week I was in such a funk that the last thing I wanted to do was sweat.  Actually, all I wanted to do was rush home and make dinner for my husband and pout.  And that’s pretty much all I did. 

Annnyhoodles, realizing that this is not the appropriate way to reach one’s goals, I strapped on my sneakers and went for a 5, 6 and 7 mile run recently.


I’m most excited for the 7 mile triumph because that is

  • more than half way through the half marathon
  • farther than I’ve run in over 5 years
  • done in one hour and seven minutes

This is all super compelling as I have a race coming up on Saturday and just signed up for my FIRST EVER 10k!!

Did you have any fitness break through this weekend?  Or were/are you in a slump, too?


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