Me, Some Fabu Indians and Little C

We all remember the great cookie fail of 09.  The impetus for this huge failure at life was to celebrate the birth of Little C with a small gathering one chilly fall evening.  Since I had nothing to contribute, I went, wine in hand, and celebrate we did!


that would be C’s MOHA, me and C of course

I obvs love hanging out and being around C but one of the best perks of these low key get togethers are the anything but low key Indian Dental school friends who are always on hand to tell me how much C and I look alike, take my blood pressure, and argue about whether they will play Taboo or chess.  All of these are good things.



as we can see, chess won.

And of course, there was cake.  Red velvet cake.  C’s love of red velvet was reportedly catapulted to full on rapture due to the tasty red velvet cupcakes at our wedding.  We are so honored!


It is such an honor to have friends like C and V.  They are so genuine and loving.  I’m always so thrilled to celebrate a random Thursday with them, and things like birthdays make our hang out that much more exciting!  I’m also always touched by how in love these two crazy kids are.  Their adoration for each other is palatable and I am so happy to call the our friends.


What’s your favorite way to celebrate your friends’ bdays?  Low key like us, or wild and crazy?


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