“I Can Wait on an Elevator”

I work at a cabinet level agency, meaning, without sounding like a jerk, we’re a pretty big deal.  I mean really, President Obama picked my boss’ boss’ boss’ boss himself.  And they’re friends.  Like have lunch friends.  The secretary under which I operate is in short a huge deal.



Because of how wildly important the Secretary is, I shockingly don’t see that much of them.  But from what I can gather the Secretary is a pretty OK person.  The Secretary gets morning tea from the employee cafeteria.   And I have a first hand account of how the Secretary volunteers a lot of time for worthy causes.  My job is also pretty mundane, so having meetings with the Secretary is literally not on the docket for my day to day existence.

Recently, all that changed.

While riding the elevator back from my lunch date with Little C, Vera Lunchbox, and monogrammed clutch in hand, wearing my Ugg boots, the doors opened on the first floor, where the security guard asked me if I would hold for a few minutes for the Secretary.  Absolutely!  I responded, but should I get off.  No, they responded.  The Secretary won’t want you to get off.

On strides the Secretary and his people.  He looked and me apologized and thanked me.  “I can wait on an elevator,” he said to me with a mischievous grin.  I assured him it was no problem.  He asked me where I worked and told me to have a nice day.  I promise I didn’t embarrass any of you.

Later that day, I was thinking about leadership and what it means to be an important leader in America.  This reminded of something MB said when we were touring the Presidential section of the museum on our day date, that Americans, despite not wanting to have a monarchy, really want royalty.  And he is so right.  Think about the way the biggest boss of your office, especially if you work for the government, is treated.  Probably with kid gloves.  And celebrities.  Geesh!  All you hear about is how Jlo ONLY eats the orange M&M’s on tour and how Mariah Carey will only drink her bottled Fiji at a certain temperature…all behavior I would expect from royalty.  And this is completely appropriate, expected and encouraged by us lowly peons.

I used to think it was because otherwise heads would roll, but I was assured that afternoon on the elevator, it’s often out of some down to earth, in touch with reality leader’s hands and all in ours.

Do you know any down to earth leaders?  Do you think it’s realistic for “us” to treat our leaders like royalty?  Should we?


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