Princess Miles: Cancelled

Now before you go getting your petticoats all bunched up let me be perfectly clear that we are not canceling the half marathon.  Just the location.  To whit:

Last week, in an effort to continue our revamped budgeting effort, I was meticulously going through our copious travel plans for 2010.  One trip that we are both looking forward to is a visit to Nanny and PopPop C in February where they will be lounging in a vacation home in Florida very near Walt Disney World.

When I proclaimed that I would start training for and eventually run the Disney Princess Half, I shrugged off the fact that we had already planned to go to Florida and Disney World with Nanny and PopPop.  We can do both trips, I assured my new husband.

Well, financially I guess we could.  Anything is possible,  yes?  But should we is a completely different question and I think the resounding and the very responsible answer is in fact no.

I was immediately bummed out but intent on finding a similar half close to the time of the Disney 1/2marathon.  Enter the National Marathon.



The looped course, in my very FLAT home turf, will allow me to complete my half marathon dreams, and not break the bank.  I even pre-registered. 

And I’m still calling them princess miles.  I still think there’s a little princess left in, no?

Have you made any adult decisions lately?  How do you feel about them?


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