The Worst $80 I Ever Spent

Last week, while having my nightly chat with my mama, I received this:

Oh!  Apparently I signed myself up for a 10K and promptly forgot about it.  Whoops!

No biggie.  I had recently run 12.6 miles, so 6.2 didn’t seem overly daunting.  Actually, I had planned on running that distance on Saturday morning anyway, to get my endorphins really pumping for the weekend, so this worked out perfectly.

Not so perfect,  however, was the lack of adequate running pants with which to compete in the race.  To fill the void, I took myself to lulemon athletica at to get some high-priced running pants help.  After feeling all the fabrics and trying on a few pairs I left with these bad boys.


I was so excited about my purchase {and the neat-o reusable bag they came in} and couldn’t wait to try them out.

The need for new pants came from a recent race, wherein I had to hold my pants up with my hands for fear of loosing them in the middle of a very public race.  I knew that my new pair of spandex Wunders would not let me down.


For the first 16:46 of my 1:04 10K {shameful.  stop judging me} I had to hold my $80 pair of pants up.  I was pissed.  I’m still pissed.  And because I ran for an hour in them, they are obvs, non returnable.  Jan offered to try to put a drawstring in them which is very gracious, but I’m still furious.  $80 pants should come prete-a-porter, non?

Have you been let down by a very expensive purchase recently?  Do tell.


4 thoughts on “The Worst $80 I Ever Spent

  1. i knew it! i tried them on last weekend and i was too cheap to buy them. i’m sorry that you had that problem. they do have one with a drawstring, but they were really strange looking. i need pants that don’t fall down too!

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