Welcome, December.

Rabbit Rabbit!!  I cannot under any circumstances believe that it is the 12th month of 2009.  What an amazing year, no?  Time seriously is moving, for me, at warp speed.  Each passing month seems to have gone by in an instant and its scary and exciting all at the same time.  What is especially striking to me is how this time last year I felt like I would NEVER be married, that our wedding was 89 years away.  And its come and gone.  In the blink of my well made up eye.  This time last year, I had declared it wedding week:

So last week I took a break from the wedding for reason I brattily outlined before and mostly because I was exhausted from school and excited about the holidays.  This week look out for the following which we will aptly name WEDDING WEEK

I digress.

This year, instead of planning our guest book and buying our mothers pretty rings, I opened, for the first time, the holiday dishes that Jan bought for us, this time last year.

I got them out to celebrate the holiday right, all month!

So now my cupboards are filled with tons of holiday joy!

Did you start decorating for the holidays yet?


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