Date Night: Pittsburgh Delux Edition

After the turkey was all wrapped up, MB and I hopped in our car and were off to Pittsburgh for an evening of relaxing and fun time.

Our time in Pittsburgh was not all play.  I was there for Hello Pretty’s last wedding of 2009.

Aren’t the B&G adorable?

Now I must say, that I’m admittedly biased about photography because frankly, John + Kim Sanderson are the best that ever lived.  But, if for some reason, John runs off to the monastery to give up photography and take up Zen Meditation and Kim finds her calling as Oprah’s replacement and gives up her lenses, then I would call on this wedding’s photographer, Pamela Sue.  I’ve not been impressed with any independent photographer’s work, besides the Sandersons, until now.  I cannot WAIT to see the wedding photographs.

I digress.

After the wedding, I met back up with MB and we went to Lulus.  A pan-Asian restaurant on the border of Pitt and CMU.

think globally, act locally, eat noodles.

And who joined us but the ever wonderful D+Steve.

We miss them so much.  {I actually got to have a long, leisurely dinner with D when I was in Pburgh on black Friday for the wedding rehearsal.  I almost moved in with her on the spot}.

After a noodley dinner we headed to the Soba lounge for some drinks.  After a few hours we parted.  And MB and I enjoyed a night in the Holiday Inn in Oakland, where we’d spent our very first night as H+W.

The next morning was glorious.

oh Heinz Chapel, I love you sooooo.

After some hemming and hawing, MB and I decided on Eat N Park for brunch.  My fav. 

And had the biggest brunch known to man.  EnP’s potato pancakes taste like curly fries.  A-MA-ZING!

And before long it was time to head back to Jtown.  To eat more {it was possible} and get in the holiday spirit.  Oh yeah and drive back to DC.

While we were riding home I cried to MB about how I wanted more than anything to move back to Pittsburgh.  I always feel at home there.  My dreams come true there.  It’s familiar and inexpensive.  We agreed that moving home would be our plan B.  Fortunately {or unfort however you look at it} Plan A is currently in full effect.  Stay tuned.

Where is your favorite city on the planet?


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