Wrapped Up

I could go on for 78 years about how I’m mentally unpacking from my week in West Virginia, how I miss my new friends, and how I feel like a fish out of water.  But I won’t.  Because there are so many things to tell you about.  Like how my husband magically lost the ability to wrap a gift.


It has long been acknowledged {for 1 year} in la casa del Wife & Blog that MB is the superior wrapper.   It’s really not in my ESFJ to take my time to eye up the paper, cut a straight line, fold neatly or tape nicely.  So MB took over the reigns when he moved in saving Gma from declaring last Christmas “You can ALWAYS tell when LNRB wraps a gift”.  But as you can see from the picture above we had some serious eyeballing and guestimating issues {MB’s least favo word} and so I was forced to take over the wrapping.

While MB decided to NOT to write:  ‘To Mom, with reticence, Love L & M’ on the inside cover of Sarah Palin’s book which we are gifting to MIL for the holiday, I taped, cut and eyeballed messily.

I’m in lurve with the puppy paper.

Kanga, free on posted bail due to a mistrial, exercised his free rights and badly formed habits in my absence by doing nothing on the couch.

MB was tasked with figuring out the boxes.  This took us until almost midnight.  But the presents, which were all purchased in ONE SHOPPING TRIP are all wrapped and ready to go for the holidays.  And no one was  harmed in the making of this Christmas.

Who wraps your gifts?  Did you or someone you love recently loose the ability to wrap gifts nicely?


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