Deck the Halls With Friends’ Forced Labor!

In an attempt to trick our downstairs coupled neighbors into being our friends, MB and I concocted the most deliciously evil of plans.  Have an Xmas tree decorating party, followed by a boat parade viewing and invite them! HAHA!

This tree is getting a lot of face time.

First, of course, we had to procure our tree, and in the spirit of being planet pals we opted for the fake version of the tree.  So MB had to erect it.

He did a great job.  Then it started snowing.

MAGICAL!  But that meant that MB and I would have to pick up Msheed, as she, a Virginian, will not drive in snow.  But it was FINE because we needed her there to help deck the halls.  Soon, a sampling our bffs new and old were all assembled.  And I began barking orders.  We have an APARTMENT to decorate!


New bffs J+S from downstairs are HORRIFIED by the way we forced them to decorate our home. After decorating our home I forced them to decorate cookies, because after the boat parade, the Old Town Book Club would be making a pre-holiday appearance for our monthly meeting.

Their creative genius, and the food coloring gifted to me by BookClubE created the purple holiday coloring.

Awesome cookies abounded.

We were having it.  Did you trick anyone into decking your halls for the holidays?


4 thoughts on “Deck the Halls With Friends’ Forced Labor!

  1. I have a friend with a fabulous, wonderful, amazing 9-year-old step daughter – and she comes over every year and helps me trim my tree and bake cookies. She doesn’t get a real (live) xmas tree at either of her parent’s home and they aren’t a big baking family – and as I still don’t have kids, it is perfect! We wear matching aprons and drink Shirley Temples with TWO cherries from my grandmothers crystal champagne flutes. It’s always a special evening 🙂

  2. YES! I totally tricked the BF into decking his halls because my abode will be packed up in boxes shortly and I didn’t deem it necessary to trim a tree that would be up for a mere week. So I tricked him into buying a 7.5 ft Christmas tree and we decked it in all the holiday glory, even hanging our stockings by some Japanese traditional furniture with care! And I forced him into singing Christmas carols while we did it too! He grumbled, but I think secretly he loved it!

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